Factors Affecting how Often Furnace Air Filters should be Changed

There are a number of reasons a person needs to change Furnace Air Filters regularly. If they aren’t changed on a regular basis, some issues may arise. Filters may become full of dust, debris and other particles, which means they won’t be able to catch new particles that come through. If this happens, all these particles are going to be released into the air in the home. This will also cause the furnace to work harder, making it less energy efficient. The question is, how does a homeowner know when it is time to change the filter? Some guidelines that can help are found here.

Are There Animals in the House?

Animals are one factor that are going to affect how often the filter needs to be changed. If there are several animals in the home, then the furnace filters will need to be changed more often than usual. Generally speaking, the more animals in the home, the more often the filter should be changed.

How Dusty is the Home?

Dust is another factor that can affect the performance of the system. If there is quite a bit of dust in the home, then it may be necessary to change the filter more often. If the system uses a one or two-inch filter, then changing once monthly is advisable. For four inch filters, a person can go two months.

Does the Homeowner Keep the Heat or AC Fan On?

If the fan is always on, then it will need to be changed monthly. If it is only on some of the time, it can g a few months between changes. If a homeowner never turns it on, they can wait three months.

Do People Smoke in the Home?

Smoke can be quite detrimental to the filter and require that it be changed sooner. If several people smoke in the home, then the filters will need to be changed each month.

Taking the time to change the furnace air filter regularly will help ensure the air quality in the home remains good. Be sure to use the information here to know how often to change the filter. Being informed is essential.