Top 4 Reasons That Door Stops Make The World A Better Place

Door stops come in different sizes and styles, from floor-mounted models to wall-mounted bumpers to simple wedges, and they are easy to install. They’re also available in finishes that can blend in with the surroundings. A door stop is a small and easily overlooked accessory, but in its unobtrusive way, it makes life better for everyone. Most homes and businesses could use more door stops than they have. The following are some of the ways that door stops make the world a better place.

First of all, door stops protect the walls. Many doors are placed near a perpendicular wall, meaning that if a door is allowed to open all the way, its knob may come in contact with the wall. When this happens over and over, day after day, the paint on the wall can get scuffed and chipped. When a door is pushed open hard, the knob can even make a dent in the wall. A floor mounted door stop or wall bumper, however, can keep a wall safe and clean.

Door stops can also help to keep a room more secure. For example, when someone is working late in an office or wanting to feel extra secure in bed at night, he or she can add a wedge under the door to keep it shut. While locks can be picked, a door that is wedged shut is very hard to open.

Of course, door stops also serve to keep a door open. Movable wedges and kick-down door stops are designed for this purpose. A door stop can hold open an exterior door to let in fresh air and sunshine on a beautiful day. When interior doors are held open, a home or office building can feel more inviting. Businesses can also use door stops to open doors that direct the flow of traffic in the right direction.

Door stops are also an important part of child-proofing a home. Every year, many children are injured when their little hands get caught on the hinged side of a slamming door. In addition to foam strips on the door facing and foam cuffs around the door itself, door stops can prevent injuries by holding doors open to prevent slamming.