Why That Pond Needs a Fountain

Ponds can be a great asset to any property. They attract birds and wildlife, sustain an eco-system, and provide a cool place to swim, depending on the condition of the ponds. Still ponds attract mosquitoes, accumulate algae, and often have a musty and fowl odor. A pond requires water aeration to become an asset. Most fountains for ponds are affordable and easy to install. They also require very little maintenance. A small pond will only need a fountain. Larger ponds will need an additional aeration system. The benefits are well worth the investment.

The fountain introduces oxygen into the water. That is the essential component that will sustain an eco-system. Moving water also keeps away pests and insects that are drawn to stagnant water. The use of a fountain also improves the air quality around the pond. The reduction in algae, bacteria, and pond scum drastically decreases the amount of pollutants and allergens found in the air. Lighting kits and a wide selection of fountains are available online. Major manufacturers, such as Easypro Aqua, Kasco, Otterbine, and others can be found at discounted pricing due to volume sales. Detailed instructions are included for installation and some have step by step videos for visual learners.

A pond in the backyard will increase the property value and provide habitat for small creatures. It is also relaxing. Fountains make the air cooler because water droplets in the air decrease the temperature and the spray creates a breeze. Those two factors are wonderful when the day is hot and humid. A garden, some benches or seating, a wide ledge, or a small table around the pond adds to the beauty and function of the space. Large front lawns, hotel entrances, and parks have enough space to feature a pond. Visitors will be impressed and feel welcome. Depending on the setting, a decorative safety fence may be wise to reduce the risk of both injury and liability. Take a look at the space and decide if a pond will add new life to the yard. If a pond is installed, be sure to include a fountain in the planning stage.